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I love contribution to the open-source community and basically I'd like to focus on the Vue.js ecosystem and tools. My first patreon goal is to have the freedom to work on some projects and to reward the main contributors of my libraries. I get continuous support from very kind and smart people, and I'd like to have also a budget for them.

# Introduction

Setting up a Vue.js website with internationalization (i18n) support it easy nowadays: Once you have installed the plugin and injected into the Vue instance, you can just put $t(‘Hello World’) inside Vue.js component templates to use the plugin. However, in our personal experience we found it very difficult to keep the language files and the placeholders in the .vue files in sync.

That's why we wrote vue-i18n-extract; We needed a way to analyze and compare our language files to our Vue.js source files, then report the result in a useful way.

# What is it?

vue-i18n-extract is built to work with your Vue.js projects using the library vue-i18n(opens new window) .

This library analyses your Vue.js source code looking for any vue-i18n key usage, in order to:

  • extract and report all the missing keys in the language files;
  • extract and report all the unused keys in the language files;
  • optionnaly write every missing keys into every language files;

# ©️ License

MIT(opens new window)

# ❗️ Issues

I'm sure you'll find bugs and when you do it would be great if you'd could report them here(opens new window) .